Passionate about building delightful and impactful products that make a difference ❤️.

Open-source contributor. Writer on Medium. Excited about tough problems, and always seeking to learn something new.

I'm a self-driven, motivated, and independent learner who discovered my passion for programming and software engineering midway through law school. I fought to minor in Computer Science (succeeded on my 3rd application) and applied successfully to read two highly competitive software and product engineering modules.

In my free time, I build and maintain side projects to learn new skills and technologies.


I write regularly on Medium. My articles have been published by various publications and distributed by Medium curators in a variety of topics from programming to software engineering.


National University of Singapore

Computer Science (Minor) - GPA: 4.76/5.0
Bachelor of Laws - Second-Upper Honors

  • 2019: Dean’s List (top 10%)
  • 2015 - 2019: Ranked top 50% of cohort for 4 years
  • 2017: Overseas student exchange at UBC (NUS-UBC Lee Foundation Student Exchange Award)
  • 2015: Awarded the NUS Study Award


Teaching Courses

  • 2019: CS1010S Programming Methodology
  • 2019: CS1010E Programming Methodology
  • 2019: Code in the Community (taught Python to students under a Google-sponsored initiative for free coding classes)

Singapore Law Review: Deputy Chief Editor (Journal)

  • Oversaw and managed the publication of the 35th volume of Asia’s oldest student-run legal journal.
  • Coordinated peer-review of articles, supervised article editing teams, vetted and typeset articles for publication.


  • Languages: CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript (Node.js), Python, Swift, TypeScript
  • Frameworks/libraries: Flow, iOS SDK, Jest, React, Redux, Redux-Saga
  • Others: AWS, Continuous Integration & Delivery, Git
  • Triplebyte generalist software engineer.

Professional Experience

Facebook: Software Engineer

I work on the Search Discovery team.

    Sea (Garena): Software Engineering Intern (iOS)

    I worked on Booyah, a mobile game live-streaming application.

    • Improved app responsiveness in poor network conditions. Optimized multiple image downloads in a collection view by implementing a priority queue to prioritize visible views.
    • Designed an infinite scroll view and optimized it for performance and user experience.
    • Profiled the performance of data-persistence utility components used across multiple teams and applications to uncover bottlenecks. Presented my findings at an internal knowledge-sharing session with company-wide iOS engineers.

    ReferralCandy: Product Engineering Intern (Full Stack)

    I worked on CandyBar, a digital punch card loyalty program.

    • Collaborated with product managers and designers to build, QA, and release product features in weekly sprints.
    • Fixed bugs, wrote tests, and improved documentation to enhance the quality of the codebase.
    • Worked closely with Marketing to build new React components to improve SEO and create website content.

    Trampolene: Software Engineering Intern (Front End)

    • Conceptualized, designed, and built a single-page web application MVP from scratch using React and Redux.
    • Initiated research and incorporation of new technologies (Flow, Jest, Enzyme) into the project to improve code quality.
    • Wrote many functional tests to ensure the robustness of the application.



    • Self-managed email alias service built with Serverless to run on AWS (DynamoDB, Lambda, SES, S3).
    • Showcased on Hacker News.


    Partnered StaffAny (a workforce management startup) to develop a prototype to improve employee performance.

    • Prototyped a rewards-tracking system (integrated with an existing workforce management app) to improve employee performance by up to 5% in test users.
    • Architected, built, and deployed application backend.
    • Set up CI & CD pipelines; maintained and documented API routes, implemented a HTTP API wrapper over database models to integrate seamlessly with 3rd-party resources.



    Co-developed an iOS expense tracking application.

    • Implemented a powerful, efficient, and flexible transaction tagging system (vs conventional categorical classification).
    • Designed and wrote the base Transaction class, the Tag Manager, and the background location notification module.
    • 4th most highly-voted project at NUS School of Computing 14th STePS (showcase of innovative student works).


    • Built a Reddit bot that monitors for news article submissions in a subreddit of >200,000 users. Fetches, formats, and posts article bodies as Reddit comments.
    • Started as a personal project (3rd iteration). Currently maintained collaboratively as an open-source project.